Monday, July 21, 2008

Google It Mo-Fo

Did you know you can google from your cell phone?
Oh yes, you can.

If you're looking for information on a business, just create a new message with the info you seek, including business name, city and state.
example: Pizza Hut, Bedford, TX

Or, if you're looking for the price of a certain item (to reduce impulse shopping and ensure you're getting the best deal), create a message with "price" and the item you want to know about:
example: price, Nintendo Wii

Then text it to 466453 (GOOGLE)

You will IMMEDIATELY receive a text with the info you seek. Either all business locations surrounding your requested location (with address and phone number information), or a list of products and their prices available online. (Just be specific or you might receive a long list that consumes the content of several incoming messages!)

Best of all: ALL OF THIS IS FREE! (as long as you already have a texting plan)
Believe me, I used this service all weekend and I love it. It's well worth your time!

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