Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Wow... April has been BUSY!!! Here is a rundown of my month so far:

Parents in town: March 27-April 4
Easter weekend happenings with friends and family: April 11-12
Boyfriend's birthday: April 13
CNN Live broadcast at Strokers: April 15
Strokers Dallas Garage Sale (with Wet T-Shirt Contest): April 18-19
Got a NEW PUPPY for my birthday (see April 27): April 24
My own garage sale: April 25-26
My birthday: April 27
Preparing for house warming party: April 29-30

... and now here we are and the month is almost over! That is my excuse for totally neglecting this blog. There have been many updates to the house (new sod! new bedroom decor!) and the family (new Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy!!) that have kept me extremely busy. But I will stop with the excuses and start with the sharing. Speaking of sharing, please check out the "cool stuff from other people" section on the left for other cool blogs and their more frequent posts!

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