Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not a morning person

Now, I am definitely NOT what you would call a morning person. I don't like to talk a lot in the morning. I don't like to hear loud noises or see bright lights. In fact, I would manage quite well if I didn't have any human interaction until after 11:00 AM at the earliest.

However, I have learned that I am not the worst there is when it comes to cheery morning attitudes. This morning I encountered a man who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

As Shawn and I rode his motorcycle into work this morning, a guy in a silver car (I'm not good enough or alert enough to remember what kind) decided we must have been going too slow and that it was necessary to ride our ass a good majority of the way. Once he finally decided to pass us, he sped around the bike, cut us off, and proceeded to spray his windshield washing fluids all over us. Real classy, man.

Of course this didn't go over well with Shawn, so he did the only thing a road-rage rider would do. He sped up and got back in front of the car. But of course, this leads to yet another speed-around-windshield-fluid-spray-down. I mean, really? Come on now- what's the point?

While I probably would not have provoked the guy after the first spray down, I definitely don't think it was necessary to spray us again. Clearly this guy needs some coffee, or some red bull, or some cheer-the-f-up drink so that he can get through the rest of his day without ruining someone elses. Good luck to you, Mr. Morning Road Rage.

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