Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birds of Paradise

There are 2 stories about my favorite animal making headlines today.

(What is my favorite animal, you ask? Why the Pink Flamingo of course! Is there any other animal that can automatically signify fun, summer, happy hour cocktails, beauty, the beach, and awesomeness just by standing on one leg? I beg you to find one...)

First of all, Madison, Wisconsin has deemed the Plastic Pink Flamingo as their city's official bird. I love it. I will come visit your city for that reason alone. The vote passed with 15-4 in favor of the bird. To those 4 that said No, I say "If you don't like it, you can move."

Second story of the day is a flamingo chick birth at Woodland Park Zoo last week. The birth of the Chilean Flamingo chick is the first birth of it's kind in the history of the zoo.
This little fluffball is so cute:

There are three more eggs being incubated now, which should hatch in the next few days.

Little known fact: Flamingos are actually born white (obvious by the picture). They turn pink due to carotene in the shrimp they eat. Also, the brighter the flamingo, the more desirable they are as a mate. Maybe that's where the term "Hot Pink" originated?? :)

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