Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't Just Like It

I used to be a loyal Miller Lite supporter. These days, I mix it up. However, I will always ALWAYS support their advertising. It's always a close race between Miller and Bud for the most creative ads, but right now, Miller is pulling ahead with their new "Love" campaign.

Perfect for Valentine's day? Perfect for any day.

There are several on TV, but my favorite are the radio ads (and of course I can't find any linkable audio clips to share online). The radio ad is a Love vs. Like campaign (Why just like your beer when you can love it?) and I'll leave you with this one liner:

"Anyone wanna set sail on the like boat? No thanks, Captain Boring."

Here are a couple of examples of their TV ads:

Go to for more... you'll LOVE it.

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