Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gobble Gobble

So I know that a lot of my posts lately have been about food. Well, I guess that would imply that there have even been a lot of posts lately in the first place, which is obviously not true. Sorry, I've been busy. Lots on the mind.

But ANYWAY... back to food. Sooo, I am definitely a self-proclaimed "foodie." That means I'm not a chef or a cook, I have no professional training, I just love to prepare food and come up with new ideas/combinations/recipes.

With that said, I'd like to offer up a piece of Healthy Eating Advice. Instead of using ground beef in your recipes, substitute ground turkey. It is a much leaner meat and if you season it correctly, you can't even tell the difference!

For example, I regularly use ground turkey for taco meat. Use the packaged taco seasoning and just change the meat. No one will even know. Last night I also used turkey in a new burger creation. I used Baja Chipotle marinade and slathered it on the turkey patties. Topped it with monterey jack cheese and some black beans and I was in heaven. So good.

So give it a shot and take one step closer to a healthy living lifestyle (without having to give up all the good stuff!!)

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