Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Inspiration

I didn't have the time or money to do a lot of the decorating I wanted to this year for the Christmas holidays. Since it was the first year in my house, it was a chance for me to put out everything I already have and figure out what else I can use. Plus my parents brought me a bunch of stuff from their house, including our old large artificial tree. It was much fuller and taller than my old tree, so that left lots of room for new ornaments (which they also gifted to me!)

Here are some things that I hope to do next year... a little inspiration if you will:

Love this New Years centerpiece idea- it's even in my theme colors of silver and gold! (from Martha Stewart)

I really want to do some kind of elegant ornament centerpiece- either on a cake stand, in tall vases, or in a bell jar like this. I love the simplicity of it- just gorgeous! (from Home Goods blog- love that store!)

And I REALLY want to hang a branch from my ceiling and have it dripping with ornaments and crystals, like this one (from a store called Indulge)

So many ideas, just not enough time!! Maybe if I start now, I can have some of it ready for next year! We shall see...

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