Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve on a Budget

I was very pleased with my New Year's Eve party decorations this year. I built on items I've used in the past, and continued my Silver/Gold/Black theme. I used a bunch of inexpensive items purchased at Party City, combined with some touches of my own, and servingware accumulated over the years. I think it all pulled together really well and looked very nice (for a very modest budget!).

Champagne bar (before the chilled champagne) and part of the buffet spread (after people started snacking). Food was spread out in several areas to avoid congestion in the kitchen.

Custom painted margarita glasses (perfect hostess gift given to me by friends!!) were used throughout the buffet. Small disco balls placed in a black bowl added some nice sparkle to the table as well.

Gold and silver candies accented the buffet spread inside margarita and martini glasses, on top of gold and silver sequin placemats...

Even the garage was decorated for those playing games... a little more casual, but still keeping with the overall theme. The backdrop was a little wrinkled in this shot, but it worked nicely to cover your typical "garage" stuff.
Overall, I thought the house looked very nice. I definitely need a professional photographer to capture the details better than I can, but I was pleased with how it turned out. The easiest way to decorate on a budget is to go with a common color scheme. The colors I chose are popular enough that I can find items all year long (and on sale after other holidays) to add for next year.
Guess it's time to go start collecting items for next year already! Happy 2010 everyone!

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Kerri said...

man, never have I seen rolos look so delish in margarita glasses such as those before :)