Monday, April 19, 2010

All So Awesome

So this post is about 2 awesome things:

First of all, check out this video about the book, based on the blog, 1000 Awesome Things:

I love it! Some of those things are SO awesome and I don't even realize it! Thus the point of the blog- to show how many awesome things are out there and help us see and appreciate them all. Of course I was so focused on the "things" in teh video that I didn't even listen to the lyrics of the song (which goes along with the cute story in the video) so now I have to watch it again. Oh darn.

Secondly, I first saw the video at the other awesome website, Post Secret. I brought up the Post Secret site in a conversation last night over drinks with a friend. I used to check it weekly, but suddenly realized it has been quite some time since I checked in! I'm glad I remembered to add it back to my weekly website browsing schedule because what a bonus this week was!

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