Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Such Sweet Sorrow

If a sweet tooth could kill, I would be first on the death toll.

Well unfortunately, that is very much the case for some pretty birds known as Cedar Waxwings.

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These poor birds love sweet berries. They can't help themselves. Once they start, they just can't stop eating the delicious fruits. However, on occasion, when they come across a batch of overripe berries, they can become intoxicated by the concentrated fruit-turned-alcohol. And this is where the problem starts. They almost always drink and fly.

Here in Dallas, there are long stretches of berry bushes alongside a busy highway bridge. Hundreds of these birds stop to eat the sweet treats, only to become disoriented and fly straight in to traffic! Soon the roadside begins to look like a mass suicide scene. Poor birds. If only their mothers had taught them to either sleep it off or get a desginated flier.

(story source: Dallas Morning News)

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