Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I must confess

I've had a bit of a blog identity crisis lately.

I (try to) maintain two blogs. This one (Learnin to Talk Texan) started as a way for me to share my thoughts, likes, dislikes, and anything random that came to mind while I learned to live life in Texas.

Then I started as my event blog. That would be my place to share all things partying and entertaining, which is and always will be my passion (and hopefully future profession).

Unfortunately, my interests and hobbies started taking over and I couldn't figure out where to put what. Crafting? Home decor? Cooking? Gift ideas? What to do? What to do?? Am I still "learnin' to talk Texan" per say? Does my blog need to be less random and more organized?

So I have come to this conclusion: will continue to be the place where I share random thoughts and lessons learned while living as a Texan, but it will also be my place to share my experiences as I live and grow here- including my adventures in crafting, cooking, and general life living. I will keep to events and entertaining only. Will the occasional craft or recipe show up over there? Sure- as long as it applies to a party or event.

This should keep me a little more "organized" (I use that word loosely) and a little less split-personality-blogger-like.

Hopefully you will enjoy the randomness that is my life, and will stick with me as I continue to "Learn to Talk Texan" through crafting, web surfing, home remodeling, cooking, and life living! I would love to have you follow this blog and comment to let me know what you like and don't like. Come on Y'all! Yee Haw!!
...and if you need a little party inspiration, please check out too! And become a follower there too! Cheers!

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