Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Home-iversary!

This month marks my 2 year anniversary with my house. It's been a bumpy road and an adventure like I never imagined, but it's been worth every penny (literally!)
Oh, house, remember how we started?

Your horrible lack of landscaping... or grass... or even dirt...

Your desperate looking side-yards (Oh, Hey Jack!)

And even worse backyard. (why did you ever think those cement flowerbed borders were a good idea??)

Our sad attempts at planting sod in patches (Who were we kidding? That was a waste of time! Good thing Rory looks so cute to make this picture worth it)

Remember your lack of appliances and awkward kitchen space? (no pantry? empty window space?)

What about when we filled that empty kitchen space with a HUGE fridge that cost more than I should have spent (and yet I don't regret it for a second. LOVE my fridge!)
What about your disgusting carpet that I refused to walk on? (nasty- you should be ashamed of yourself)
Good thing I replaced it all and repainted the rooms before moving in! (I won't hold that against you anymore)

Oh yes, it's been a long road of updating and decorating and yet we're still not even close to done. Wait until you see what's next...
But before we go, how about looking back on some of our "firsts?" Remember when...

We hosted our first theme party and indoor camp out?

The aftermath of our First Thanksgiving...

Our First Christmas...

And our first record-setting snow...

Oh yes, it's been an adventure. I can't wait for the warmer weather when we can get back to business and start a few more projects on my list! You'll love it, house, I promise.

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