Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

After putting a hook on my door at Christmas, I've found myself wanting to put a wreath up for every holiday!

This month I obviously wanted to Go Green and make a festive St Patrick's Day wreath. I found everything I needed at the thrift store and the whole project only cost me $5!

I started with a stack of assorted green t-shirts, all priced at 50 cents-$1.99 each.

I also found a couple of wreath forms that were 50% off 99 cents! Score! I bought 2, but only used one for this project. I'll save the other for next month! (Notice the background- yes, I did this project in a laundry basket to minimize the straw that would end up all over the floor!)
I started cutting each t-shirt along the bottom hem and continued to cut it into one long 1 inch strip, all the way up to the sleeves.

Keep cutting until you have a pile of green strips! (this is after two of the four shirts I used)
After I cut up each shirt, I took the strips and cut them into manageable lengths, approximately two arm spans long. I'd say cutting them in to 4 foot strips would be perfect.

I used a straight pin to hold the first four strips on to the wreath. After pinning them down, start randomly wrapping them around the wreath, alternating directions and colors.

When you reach the end of your first strip, pin it to the wreath form to hold it in place. After the first few strips are pinned down, the rest of the strips can be tucked under existing strips and no more pins are needed.
Continue wrapping and alternating until the entire wreath is covered and the colors are the way you like it.

I like the way this looks, but I thought it needed a little something else, so I traced out a shamrock on one of the shirt scraps to add some flair.

I laid out the shamrock and started lining the edge with hot glue. I twisted the extra strips and glued them along the edges (yikes! flash wash out!)

After making it all the way around the shamrock I filled in the remaining sections with smal twists of fabric

Once it was done I pinned it to the wreath and it was ready to hang!

Of course it was dark out when I finished, but I had to hang it and get pictures right away! I was so pleased with the final product and happy that it was so easy and cheap!

Total cost:
wreath form: $ .50
t-shirts: $2.00
$ .50
Total: $5.00

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