Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

Oh my goodness- I can't believe it's been so loooong! It's hard to believe that March 11 was my last post- not only because, hello??? It's MAY already! But also because- has it really been that long?? Man. Time flies when you're living in chaos! :)

But seriously, between working some big events at work (here and here and here) and my laptop completely crashing in the worst way, I have had such a hard time getting back on here to post!

Let's start with the laptop crash of 2011 (as I will now infamously refer to it). We've been struggling with my poor, old laptop for some time now. I bought it in 2006 when I moved to Texas, so it's a good 5 years old (which is ancient in laptop years). It held on well for me through most of it's lifespan, but it really took a dive there toward the end. It caught a virus that we just couldn't shake, and it was all downhill from there. I was in the middle of some pretty heavy research one night mid-March when it finally decided it had had enough. It locked up and shut down and refused to cooperate. When I took it in to Best Buy's Geek Squad to diagnose the problem, even the "Geek" had to laugh at how bad it really was. (Oh, you want to put in a CD to check the hard drive content? Good luck- this little laptop will spit it right back atcha!) His recommendation: get a new laptop. Awesome.

So a couple of weeks and a nice hefty Best Buy bill later, here I am on my new HP Pavilion Laptop. I love it so far and I can only hope it treats me as well (or better) than my now peaced-out Gateway. Although there is still hope for that old guy- he's back with the Geek Squad now, trying to get made back into a shadow of his former self. If he comes out alive and kicking, the rest of the family will have a computer all to themselves! (and no sharing for me!)

So now that we're back and ready to roll, I've got quite a bit to fill you in on... I've done several projects in the last month that I can't wait to share, and made more decisions about the future of this blog. Being away from the blog for so long showed me how much I really do enjoy writing on here. I may struggle with what to share from time to time, but the important part is that this little space on the blogosphere really gives me the chance to put it all out there! So here's to a refreshed start and some brand-spankin-new content coming your way! Let's go!

(consider this a teaser picture of a future post about our mini-vacation!)

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