Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feelin' Hot, Hot, HOT

So I'll admit it. I am a very regular Buffalo Wild Wings customer. I love it there. The wings are good, the beer is cold, and our new 2-story location (a transformed Don Pablos) has approximately 80 flat screen tvs to watch up to 11 different things at once! Not to mention the entire first floor is non-smoking and the upstairs has an outdoor patio!

So naturally it was the best place to catch the mavs game, the election, and 40 cent wings all at the same time on Tuesday night. It was perfection.

Unfortunately, my excitement for the evening got the best of me and I convinced myself to try 7 different wing sauces over the course of the evening. Those sauces included: Parmesean Garlic (awesomeness), Medium (classic), Spicy Garlic (spicy awesomeness), Asian Zing (name says it all), Caribbean Jerk (got a kick to it), Mango Habenero (afterburn like whoa), and Blazin (out of control hot!!). Luckily the last two were only "dip your finger in the sauce" kind of tastings and not full on "eat several wings doused in sauce" samples.

As good as all of those flavors were, I would NEVER suggest for ANYONE to do as I did and try that many sauces in one sitting. My stomach hated me the entire next day, which really detracted from the overall experience. However, I did discover a new passion for Asian Zing so I guess all is not lost. Perhaps next time you make your way to your local BWW, your curiousity will get the best of you and you'll have a similar stomach-turning experience! :)

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