Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Box, My Love

So I have a new obsession. Well it's really an old obsession with a new twist.

I LOVE movies. I love horror, animated, comedy, drama, chick flicks, action, and pretty much anything except sci-fi. I constantly dig through the bargain bins to find old and new movies that I can't live without. I'm a sucker for the 2 for $20 deal at Blockbuster. But now I can watch them all for only $1/day!

Enter: Red Box DVD Rental.

It's a great concept really. You pick the movie(s) you want at any Red Box location. You only pay $1 per day that you have the movie. Then you return it to any Red Box location you want. It's like the public library of movie rentals! (and if after 25 days you still haven't returned it- don't worry about it! It's yours to keep!)

I'm in love.

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johnny rodriguez said...

I've recently discovered Red Box too. Its awesome.