Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures at Friendswood

Since the next few months of my life will be completely taken over with house stuff, I feel it will be easier to share my stories, updates, and excitements here rather than having to repeat myself a million times! So, here goes....

This weekend was the first official weekend at the new house!! I was able to spend some time over there on Saturday and Sunday, and made some progress on moving in but mostly created a major To-Do list for the coming weeks.

First things first: change the locks! Who knew locks would be so expensive? Well I guess they are securing everything you own, so that puts the price in perspective. Done and done.

Now it's time to get dirty. After spending Saturday cleaning, I was presented with two very UNwelcome surprises:
#1) Cleaning under the sink I find that the only "cleaning product" the sellers left behind is a can of Flea Killer Room and Carpet Spray. Not Good!! Especially since I've already caught Jack scratching more these past few days... I've dealt with a flea infestation and it is not fun. Not fun at all. Note to self: buy a flea killing room fogger and blow them outta there before I bring over any more stuff.
#2) Continuing to clean, I find a few rat pellets in a drawer under the oven. Gross. (those of you who heard the stories of rats at work know that I am VERY familiar with what rat pellets look like.) I decide to take the drawer out to vaccum and clean it completely. AAAAHHHH!!! You would not BELIEVE the amount of rat shit under that drawer!! Not to mention the shredded paper towel that the little bastard used to live in! Note to self: BUY TRAPS! Tonight!! Luckily, since I have had many conversations with rat "specialists" I know what traps work and which bait is preferred. I am not cool with the thought of rats or mice in my house, so the buck stops here. No rodents on my watch.

So, since I can no longer just call the landlord, I decided it's time for a trip to Home Depot to pick up the traps and fogger. Get all these pests out of my house!! While I run to the store, Shawn and I decide that Jack is a good hunting dog for rodents, so we leave him there to seek and destroy. Luckily (I think) he didn't find or kill anything while I was gone. That night I set up the traps and hope they take care of it.

Luckily, this morning upon my return there were no unwelcome guests. I'm hoping that the evidence I found is all old and unwarranted. (cross your fingers for me). As I continued to do some unpacking and work around the kitchen, I heard an unfamiliar noise. "DING DONG" What the hell was that?! Oh my gosh! I have a doorbell! Wow! And more importantly, I have someone at my door! My first visitor :) It was my new neighbor lady bringing me some homemade banana bread to welcome me to the neighborhood. She was a little crazy old lady, but the bread is awesome and I love old ladies with baked goods, so she's cool with me! Nice to meet you, Nancy.

And with that, my adventures for the weekend come to an end. I'm back at the apartment attempting to pack enough stuff to warrant another car load, and therefore another trip over to the house. Can't wait to get back.

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