Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sold my Soul to Stainless

I had no idea picking a refrigerator would be such a stressful, emotional, frustrating ordeal. Believe me, it is. So the next time you go to grab a cold one from the fridge- be thankful you didn't have to pick or pay for it! It sucks.

First of all, the internet sucks. There is too much information out there and too many idiots who are able to share their stupid opinions. (As I write on my very opinionated, not very intelligent blog. ha) If you try to do any research on appliance brands or styles, good luck! Everything you read is negative. If I took to heart all the reviews I read about refrigerators, I never would have picked one! According to online reviews, they all suck! I would be better off with a cooler and some ice cubes!

Instead, after reading for hours, visiting at least 4 stores, and comparing numerous brands, I decided on a frech door, stainless steel LG fridge. It's beautiful. It's huge. It's definitely bling. And it all came with a huge price tag. But I'm looking at it as an investment. Hopefully I'll have it for a long long time and it will be worth the extra little splurge I had to put into it. Believe me, it was a very long, drawn out decision and I'm still hoping it was the right one.

Whenever you're in the market for a fridge, here are a few things to consider: What size do you want? How tall can it be? (measure with door hinges) What style? Side-by-side? French Door? Top-Mount Freezer? Do you want an ice maker? Do you want through-the-door water and ice? If so, do you want it mounted in the door or on the top shelf? Do you want adjustable shelves? Spill-proof glass? How much door space do you need? Can you fit a gallon of milk in there? What about a frozen pizza? Can the doors open all the way? Is the freezer a pull-out? Do you have enough room to pull it out and stand in front of it? Will it fit through your house door to get into the kitchen? Do you have a water line hooked up for the ice maker? Did you get the right hose to hook it up? What finish? Stainless or Black or White?
I wasn't kidding when I told you it was stressful...

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