Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Waiting Game

I've decided that the worst part of owning a house is moving in. Not surprising, I know. But it's very different from moving in to an apartment. At an apartment, you just move in and everything is ready for you. The place is clean, the paint is fresh, the carpet is new, and you're good to go. If you need something fixed, you call the landlord and they fix it while you're at work.

Not so much when you own the place. You have to take care of everything yourself. You have to be there for all service calls and deliveries. And of course, no one is on time.

UNLESS you get your carpet from Empire Today. They are known for their next-day installation, and the installers actually arrive early! (so don't be at Starbucks getting coffee until 15 minutes before their ETA, just FYI). They are in and out and done in no time. Very professional and very efficient. I was quite pleased. Waiting on Best Buy, however, was not so fun. Imagine sitting in a house with nothing to do (no TV, no internet, no food) for 5 hours jsut waiting. Not so much fun.

But here is my official recommendation for Empire Today flooring services. If you need new floors, let me know. I'll refer you and we can both enjoy some discounts! :)

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