Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arlington, Be Warned

Arlington, TX is about to be hit with a major influx of residents, only they won't be buying houses or renting apartments. No, no. They're coming for one thing only: a booty call.

Cowboys Stadium is preparing to host two major sporting events in the coming years: the NBA Playoffs and the Super Bowl. With those two events, Dallas police are expecting 50-100,000 prostitutes to come to the city to take advantage of the fans. Literally.

Really?? 50-100,000 hookers are coming to Arlington?? As one commenter mentioned, that's nearly one "circuit girl" for every man, woman, and child attending the game! I sure hope not!

Please read this article to enjoy the priceless quotes, comments, and exaggerated estimates from Dallas Morning News:

I'll leave you with this:
"The sun rises in the East," he said, "and hookers come into town during the Super Bowl."

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Christina said...

50-100,000 is a pretty big spread...hahaha