Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organization Week: Quick Tip

Speaking of Counter Clutter, here is a quick tip I used in my bathroom that I really like...

I used to have a small free-standing towel holder on my bathroom counter with all of my necklaces hanging from it. It worked well in my apartment on my dresser, but it wasn't working for me in the bathroom. It was too cluttered and half of my necklaces were too long to hang correctly.

So I started browsing the web for other ideas. I saw everything from hooks on the wall, to over the door closet racks, to drawer organizers, but nothing was working exaclty. Then I saw a metal tree hanging on a wall with a few necklaces hanging from it. Score! That's what I wanted.

Well, this is what I got:
It's a piece of metal wall art that I found at ROSS for $10-15. It was a green vine with flowers that I spray painted black and hung sideways on the wall.

It may not be the most tidy looking arrangement of jewelry, but I like it. Everything is at eye level and hangs nicely from the various leaves/petals. It also clears room on my counter and keeps my longer necklaces from getting tangled.

If you're looking for a unique way to organize and store your necklaces, you might find use out of something unexpected! You never know!
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