Sunday, January 23, 2011

Organization Week: Storing Books

I love children's books. I might have a slight addiction to finding and buying them from thrift stores. The kids have so many now that I really needed a way to store them. The shelf in the closet wasn't big enough and I didn't have space in the room for a standard bookshelf.

I was inspired by this bookshelf from Pottery Barn:

and the DIY version at Infarrantly Creative:

But after much searching, I couldn't find a hutch that would work to do what she did. Not to mention, I had WAY more books than that to store.

So my next idea was getting magazine racks to run along the back of the futon that could display them the same way.

I bought several of these Elfa magazine racks from The Container Store and attached them to the wall:

I lined up four of them in a row and filled them with books:

I love the way it looks and it keeps all the books at an arms reach at bedtime. I think it's the perfect space-saving solution for this room. Next up, I need to finish hanging a few more things on the wall above the books and this room will be DONE! (for now!)

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Katie said...

I love that idea! Very cute, if I can't find what I'm looking for I'm definitely going to go with this book option.