Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Mob

I think it's great that the idea of flash mobs have caught on. I remember seeing my first one online (although I've yet to see one happen in person) and I loved it!

Well you know things have caught on when they are used in a popular sitcom:
Modern Family Flash Mob:

(I love Modern Family. Thanks to KPA for introducing me to a wonderfully funny show!)

Have you seen the series of flash mobs happening in Seattle? They use Glee remix songs, and everyone participating looks so happy! While these look a lot more planned and the whole crowd seems to be participating, I love the variety of participants! (Check out the little girl in this first video):

(I also love Glee. Such a guilty pleasure!)

I wonder how you become part of a flash mob.... ? Wouldn't that be fun?

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Just a girl with a blog. said...

I've added to my bucket list "be involved in a flash mob." Care to join me?!